What to visit

Cabo de Gata, one of the landmarks of the Mediterranean coast in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, It is the end of a volcanic mountain range in the east bordering the plains almerienses Nijar fields. The contact with the sea is marked by the existence of beautiful cliffs alternating with coves traditionally exploited as a refuge for boaters who venture into their confines, or to ambush and act from them during those centuries in which piracy took over these waters, a stable population difficult to settle on their land, partly the fact that it has preserved.

Domain of the enchanting beaches of its coastline: collected coves between cliffs, or long sandy strips, alongside happening salt, dunas, escarpments and aridity, accentuated by the widespread prevalence of vegetation characterized by their adaptation to the territory.

The current situation Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar of It is the result of the delicate coexistence between biodiversity and humanity, with various deficiencies such as isolation and water precariousness, origin of its unique hydraulic engineering, He has maintained throughout history an exceptional balance; It has also been instrumental in the willingness of some large landowners who have respected this land, saving their natural values ​​of the avalanche of concrete that has radically altered the Spanish coasts during the second half of the twentieth century.